Beyond air and water, the only thing every human needs to survive is…


Foodles are friendly
Foodles are fun
There is a Foodle for everyone


These FOODLES are each unique and original creations made special just for you.


Hi I’m Jordan Lyric, an impressionist painter, voice actor, composer and cartoonist. One day while drawing with my 2-year-old I created the first FOODLE ever: Pickle Bear.

Soon Banana Duck and Potato Cat followed, and more and more FOODLES were born. It wasn’t long before all 110/110 Original FOODLES SOLD OUT on the blockchain!


The All-New FOODLE BITES collection just hit the blockchain with extra smol, even cuter Foodles on the menu this evening!

22/100 MINTED
4/22 SOLD

Why am I dropping Foodles Bites?

We have big plans for FOODLES. But first, we have to keep growing. It was important to me to keep the rarity of the original FOODLES collection, but so far we just haven’t reached as far as I’d hoped. We need more help.

We need a bigger Foodle Fam. That’s why I’m dropping 100 Foodle Bites to get more collectors in on all the fun! This collection will include special promotions and collaborations with other artists and will help grow the FOODLE family across the cryptosphere — not to mention a promise of more recipe FOODLES BITES to mash up in the future!

Foodles are the FOOTURE

The FOODLE ROADMAP is ambitious but we have several projects in the works to move the brand forward:


I grew up reading Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes, and The Far Side. It has always been a dream of mine to have a comic strip of my own syndicated in newspapers and magazines.

Here is how we’re going to make that happen.

There are a few major comics syndicates, almost like agencies, who license your comic in newspapers across the nation. These contracts often include merchandising, promotions, and book publishing deals. There’s also a salary. But I don’t really care about all that.

What I care about is reach. I want these FOODLES NFTs to go through the roof — then we all make money. When the FOODLES comics start dropping and selling and our FOODLE FAM grows enough, we’ll have strength in numbers. That’s when we strike.

We will select by community vote the best 10 FOODLES comics to submit for syndication. With intense promotion and a letter writing campaign we can make them pay attention. Maybe, just maybe, they will love FOODLES as much as we do.

By that point, whether we are successful in our bid for syndication or not, we will have built a FOODLE movement. The comics will continue to be published online and we move onto PHASE 2.

In PHASE 2 – FOODLES STORYBOOKS we will be pushing for publishing but we will also create an interactive online Foodles storybook for a Fall launch.

PHASE 3 – FOODLES CARTOONS will finally give us time to develop animations, animated gifs, and add voice and music. The eventual goal is to create a full length animated pilot episode and a network syndicated cartoon series.


That’s only the beginning. We can go even bigger than that!
The secondary market on the Original FOODLES has already started pumping away, so it’s an exciting time to get involved! Getting hungry?

Check out the original FOODLES on the secondary market:

And the all new FOODLE BITES on sale now:

And don’t forget to order great Foodles products and merch like t-shirts, coffee mugs, stickers and more at the Foodles


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