HBC has created 10000 unique NFT hobo beards with a 10% chance to get special pretentious hipster beards. Hipsters have a different background, traits and a hipster coin in the top right corner. There are lots of different traits and items — some more rare than others. The percentages will be posted online afterwards.

The idea cam to life because of the term „hobo beard“. The co-founder Len has a crazy beard which looks pretty untamed most of the time.

“A bird nest like mess which invades the bottom third of the host’s face. The hobo beard is an opportunistic entity often clutched to the cheeks, chin, ears, and upper lip of the host…however, it cannot be contained and therefore has no limits of growth.”
— Urban Dictionary

The dev team are three people who know eachother from real life. Dave, the developer, Len, the artist and Jules, the graphic designer. We worked together for years (games, fine art prints, webdesign).

One NFT costs 0.08ETH + gas fees. 25% of that (0.02ETH each) go to a community wallet for charities like Happy Hippie Foundation and ShareTheMeal.
There are different easter eggs everyone can qualify for until mint stop. There’s a list of specific things to do, so everyone can be sure, how to qualify for these. They will be separate NFTs. And there will be easy access to .png files to incorporate it to your avatar.

Minting will be available on July 7th @ 9PM UTC (for 48h!). Give or take 30 minutes to avoid bots. Everything not minted until then will burn for the sake of the community. It’s an instant reveal (around 30+ minutes after drop)!

Join us @ discord.gg/dRXFf2p2sy
Twitter @HoboBeardClub

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