Today’s fast paced world can leave some feeling left behind.  Things never stop moving forward. Have you ever felt like you’re not being productive enough, especially when you take time for yourself?  Whether it be a rest, a vacation, or a couple hours off, we always feel like we’ve missed something in the crypto space when we return.

Introducing Machinie: the perpetually running machine living on Ethereum blockchain. Machinie represents productivity and keeping you on the move. With Machinie in your wallet, you own the ultimate representative of being active even when you aren’t! Let the machine work, you get to rest.

What are Machinies?

Machinies are a collection of 888 units of machine power, forever running as our genesis NFT collection. They act as your representative of being active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Gen1 Machinies give more than just utility, they function as first level membership to our community.  Owning Machinies in your wallet means a gateway to Machiniverse!

Each one of the 888 unique machines is algorithmically generated from hand made molds. The differences (properties) of each Machinie are mold, background, monitor count and combination of type.

How are we different?

At Machinie, our entire community and our devs work tirelessly to set ourselves apart from the larger NFT community. We want to provide a mix of utilities, real world and virtual, while also cultivating community, providing long lasting value and cultivating a positive environment for everyone.  We’ve implemented new advances like staking and a one-of-a-kind on contract lottery system that rewards raffled owners on certain dates each month.   We plan to use our staking and coin system to create an ecosystem where our members can thrive.

Where can I get a Machinie?

Our genesis collection of gen1 Machinies have already been minted. They can be found on OpenSea at and they qualify owners for one free mint from our upcoming avatar drop.





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