Nice Drips is a hand drawn art created from scratch by the incredible Gustopulus. He dedicated 16 hours a day for 8 weeks straight to bring them to life.
Each part of the art is drawn by hand and then put into a magical generator to make a collection of 11,111 NFTs.

Nice Drips is the coolest style among NFTs dropping every day that will get a nice place in nft space and is a true artistic NFts. Minting at .03 ETH and 2.5% royalties ( Already sold out in like 40 minutes! and This is the best mint of the week, no doubt ).

This vision is about the network and giving back 30% of initial sales profits to individuals who need it. Their team is already looking for ways to give back to the community.

Nice Drips are officially a verified collection on OpenSea!

The Vision of Nice Drips

30% of the total sales will be given away and split between people who actually need support.

The 2.5% Opensea fees will be used for further development of the project’s vision, for perks, and for charity.

Every owner of a Nice Drip will be able to fill out a form and tell us if they need help and why they need it.
We will give you 1 week to fill out the form.
And we will take 1 week ourselves to go through all of the submissions and choose the winners.

Owners have all the rights over their Nice Drips and can use them as they wish.
And everyone will be able to profit from every new idea that’s brought to life by the project.

Some of the concepts to come to reality first:

– A massive artists’ project that involves music, art, and the whole Nice Drips network
– Merch with benefits
– Derivatives with incentives

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