SVINS is a collection of 1000 unique diverse Limited Edition SVIN NFTs – unique 3D digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.

The most interesting part of the story is that each of them was created, minted and attributed one by one by a single person with NO help of Ai or any procedural generation.

This is the largest handmade collection on the opensea. More than a thousand hours of work.

Each SVIN is unique and handcrafted for perfection with full commercial rights, supporting ✊🏿 and 🏳️‍🌈.

I am not a software 💻 engineer but just a 3D artist, who has a passion to create. I got no support from huge NFT community that’s why there’s No Disqord yet (should I?)

I decided to create the most ambitious project I’ve ever worked on, so this number seems not that scary 🤪

🐽 The collection will be available on the opensea:

What’s about the pricing?

Each NFT is 1/1 and will cost 💲 only 0.08ETH with no price variation. This is the starting floor.
Are they really unique?

SVIN is my very old illustration converted into 3D, you won’t find anything similar across. Each piece has it’s own attributes, apparel, color, look and feel. No matches.

Will there be a pixelated version?
Unless someone take this idea (full commercial rights remember?) – why not!

Meanwhile some pieces will be available from time to time, as it takes hours to tag each of them (Haven’t used excel since school).
If you have any feedback: 📩


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