The Hippo Pool is a generative art project consisting of 4.444 hippos with a mint price of 0.06 ETH. The following quote is coming from their discord-server introduction. “The Hippo Pool team is convinced that the most important aspect of a well-designed NFT is its aesthetic quality. Through this perspective, we tried to conjure up the most fun and eye-catching designs for our tokens.” After taking a good look at their project, you have to conclude that they have the art to back up this philosophy.

One of the first things to notice about the hippos is the outstanding design. The hippos have swagger, yet they look very clean. The hardest objective for any PFP project, is finding the right balance between simplicity and authenticity. And needless to say, The Hippo Pool nailed this balance: 

Exactly the right amount creativity is going on in this image. The knight hippo looks great and there are traits to admire, but not so many that they get distracting for the observer.

It is clear that The Hippo Pool team is fundamentally concerned with the quality of their art. However, utility is also something on their radar. NFToby (one of the creators of THP) said the following regarding utility: “The current sentiment in the generative NFT project space is leaning towards royalties. It also looks interesting to me, but I think the hype is giving greater credit to the pay-out system than its actual worth. Personally, my goal is getting our hippos featured in the Galaxy Fight Club ( This is basically super smash bros for NFTs with a pay-to-play system. If I could see one of our hippo holders battling one of the other large projects NFTs whilst earning themselves a reward, then I can look back and say we did a fine job.” The Hippo Pool is doing a pre-sale upcoming Friday. Don’t miss it.

More of their project:

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